What is an orryo1

An orryo is an digital token that allows investors to purchase inventory in multiple industries, and when the inventory sells the investors earn passive income. Orryos are sold on a private peer-to-peer trading platform, developed specifically for consignment contracts.

The company was founded in 2019 by US Marine Corps Veteran Jasper Orr, and is a pioneer in the retail investing industry. Orryos enable everyday people to earn high profits by diversifying their investments over a broad range of targeted industries. *Read our boring privacy policy.

What we invest in2

Our mission is to invest in industries and markets that have a proven track record of success, high profitability and returns. Our investments extend across multiple sectors  and are affordable investments on all levels. We tend to focus on four major industries: Real estate, transportation, ecommerce and loans/debt. By investing in orryos, you are purchasing inventory and products specific to these industries. When the inventory and products sell you earn consignment income. It's that simple. *See why you should invest.

Market Analysis3

Our industry experts tirelessly research the latest industries and sectors that are prime for explosion. They then apply big data and metrics to determine the perfect fit for our investors. They also conduct in-depth analysis of each industry & learn their value, performance, and strategy, before we invest. The Market keeps investors up to date by recording the daily performance of the industries we have invested in. *Check out our tokens.

How it works

Research Your Industry - Examine the different industries to find out how much profit you could earn, how long it will take to earn that profit, and gauge the credibility metrics of each industry.

Trade Your Orryos - When you purchase orryos, you own a share(s) of the inventory or products in multiple industries. You can sell your orryos for profit or buy more and watch your money 25x.

Earn Profits From Sales - Every orryo you buy has a specific profit range, maturity date, risk assessment, expert analysis and more. When the orryo matures and inventory sells, you earn your share of the profit.

Broker program

Orry members that join our broker program have the opportunity to earn larger returns/profits by sharing orry with their friends and family.

Glossary (Key Terms)

Cost Price - The price it costs to purchase the inventory.

Consignment Income - The money investors earn as the inventory purchased sell on consignment.

Consignments - Consignment is an arrangement in which the inventory of a business is purchased by the investor(s). When the business then sells its inventory, the investor(s) is given a share of the profit.

Duration - The amount of time our experts estimate it will take to complete the process form inventory acquisition to providing a disbursement to the investor(s).

Revenue Share Price - This is the dollar amount the business agrees to pay for each product/inventory sell made.

Percentage Sold for Completion - The percentage that represents the amount of inventory that the business must sell in order for the consignment contract to be complete, requiring profits to be disbursed to the investor(s).

Payout Dates - Every orryo has an  anticipated completion date, where the contract has been completed. On this date the business is obligated to report the inventory levels and provide payment in the amount of the revenue share price for any inventory sold.

Payout - The distribution of the share revenue price to the investors from a consignment contract sale.

Is my information secure4

Yes. Orry takes security here very serious.  All information associated with your account is not shared to nor available for public use. We have a multi-tiered approach to security, including IP restrictions, screen monitoring software, and the encryption of secure information. *Read our security page.

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